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We are a group of Software Developers and Engineers who have been focusing on the technical aspects of the quality of software systems in order to provide high quality software solutions and systems to businesses. We have been mostly focusing on web-based and internet-based software solutions and systems. We work to provide proper software systems and ensure their quality for the businesses who would like to leverage and use the potentials existing in Web and Internet in order to advance. 


Nowadays, the Web (WWW) and the global Internet have created a lot of potentials for businesses to increase their efficiency and revenues and decrease their costs. On the basis of Web and Internet Technologies, many huge and sophisticated e-commerce and e-business software systems have come into existence. Nowadays, the market of software systems and components is a very huge, crowded and perplexing market which makes so difficult for businesses to find the suitable software systems and evaluate their quality. 


Turan Planners of Software (TPS) has been established to help the businesses (specifically small to medium enterprises - SMEs) in supplying of their required software systems and components and ensuring the software quality for them in such a huge and perplexing market of software systems and components, and if there is not any suitable software component or system to satisfy some requirements of businesses, TPS itself will engineer and build the required software systems and components. 


Turan Planners of Software (TPS) has been mostly focusing on the technical aspects of the quality of software systems and not their functionality or functional quality or their applications, but apparently only in cases that we have not developed those software systems. In cases that we ourselves develop software systems or components, we take the full responsibility for satisfying the functional and non-functional requirements of those software systems requested by clients. To ensure the correspondence between the functional aspects of software systems and the requirements of clients, TPS takes advantage of consultation with its corresponding partners who works in the field of functional analysis of software systems and their applications.


The quality of a software system is not only limited to its capability in satisfying the determined functional requirements. In fact, many aspects of the quality of software systems can not be easily investigated and evaluated just by operating them and observing their appearance. But it is necessary that some aspects of the quality of software systems to be investigated and evaluated by experts, even via designing and executing some sophisticated test plans. The most important software quality aspects or criteria are as follows: Reliability, Stability, Security, Maintainability, Extensibility, Scalability, Performance, and Efficiency.


The quality of a software, from the viewpoint of the aforementioned quality criteria, directly depends on the software architecture and programming style. A good software architecture, makes it possible for the developers of the software system to ensure or quickly and inexpensively improve the quality of software from the viewpoint of the aforementioned quality criteria. Ensuring and continuously improving the quality of a software from the viewpoint of the aforementioned quality criteria is necessary in order to make possible relying on it and build a business upon it. The lifetime of a software directly depends on its architecture. A software which has a good architecture with a good, thoughtful, prudent, and long-sighted programming manner can be easily extended, and if an issue occur within it, that issue can be easily resolved without or with least subsequent problems. This means the quick adaptation of the software with new requirements and as a result the long lifetime of the software and its more profitability for the business. 


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