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Turan Planners of Software (TPS)
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3rd Floor, No. 22, Mansur Street, Motahari Street, Vali-asr Avenue, Tehran, Iran. (Postal Code: 1596933511)

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0098 21 88 60 34 27 - 0098 21 88 70 12 49
0098 21 88 72 65 34
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Miscellaneous Information:

"Turan Planners of Software" (TPS) Incorporated with the registration number 390592, and National Code 10320412475

Working Areas: Software Engineering - Web Development - Technical Consulting




If you want to order or receive a proposal, and you have not registered yet, we recommend that firstly sign up as a client (customer). Then we will create a proposal based on your order and requirements. If you accept our proposal, then we start to fulfil your order.

If you submit your phone number, we will contact you. You can also submit your question or request using the contact form.

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